Condado Vanderbilt

Puerto Rico

Accommodations & Venues

Magnificent Spanish Revival architecture, stunningly opulent interiors and dramatic ocean views frame the graceful façade of one of the most storied hotels in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Since its inception in 1919, the Condado Vanderbilt Hotel has catered to sophisticated travelers who place one aspiration above all else – to pursue a lifestyle of five-star luxury and leisure within some of the world’s most exclusive destinations.

Restored to its original grandeur by virtue of a meticulous renovation, this cherished landmark stands today as a monument to timeless elegance and style. We invite you to discover Puerto Rico as it is meant to be experienced – where exacting service, exquisite amenities and fine dining are a hallmark of every stay.

Become part of the Condado Vanderbilt legend during your next escape to San Juan.