Your Life Through The Lens of Luxe: Karlisch Photography

Your Wedding Day is the one day of your life that you want to absolutely ensure that you look fabulous- in person, but also in photos.  From the importance of having a gorgeous set of images that you can look back on lovingly as the years pass by to the necessity of having a beautifully composed folio of images in the instance that you choose to attempt to publish your event, having a phenomenal photographer is an absolute necessity.  Without remarkable  images, no one will see how ravishing you were in your couture gown or how sumptuous the florals were or how decadent the dinner.  A picture is worth a thousand words, and we totally believe the only way to capture the extreme beauty of your luxe event is to hire a talented luxury photographer, like Stephen Karlisch.

Stephen Karlisch, of Karlisch Photography, offers just that: a picture of your life through the lens of luxury.  His portfolio is brimming with elegant interiors, dazzlingly gorgeous couples and possesses the clear, crisp narrative of effective commercial photography (a huge plus when submitting to wedding publications!).  Karlisch seems to effortlessly compose his images, as if all the key players were moving to his specified choreography, in sync, simply waiting for the click of the camera.

The enormous versatility in Karlisch’s images makes him a sure choice as Wedding Day photographer.  From astonishing landscapes to event details and decor, Karlisch approaches each moment, vast or intimate, with the same artful sense of story-telling that makes his images come to life.  Karlisch utilizes this same approach when photographing his newly wedded couples, turning each moment, each shot, into a glimmering work of art.  Karlisch produces a priceless series of moments that beautifully preserve your Wedding Day for time immemorial.

We’ve compiled a smattering of elegant, beautifully-lit photographs shot by Karlisch himself.  Revel in the beauty of these pure, sophisticated moments, and imagine the moment that you, too, will star in expertly crafted images detailing your own special day.  The shot of a lifetime is just a click away…