Wedding Who’s Who: Guesterly Saves the Day

In all the hustle and bustle before your big day, wouldn’t it be lovely if you had a moment to sit down with all the friends and family that you adore and introduce them to one another?  Imagine what a grand time you would have if all of his friends actually knew all of yours.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if great aunt Margaret could see precisely where you met each of your bridesmaids, and where his family is from?  Skip the small talk and let invitees get straight to the crux of why they are honored guests at a party that’s all about celebrating the love you and your soon-to-be-spouse share.

Enter guesterly, the new and phenomenally simple way to introduce family and friends so they can connect and celebrate you and your love together.  We are ecstatic about this new find, and we think you will be, too!  Guesterly is the first (and only!) photobook uniquely designed to help your guests identify who’s who at your nuptials.  Completely customized, the guesterly can be as in-depth (all your guests) or as brief (just VIPS- wedding party, immediate family, etc) as you so desire.  And with guesterly’s revolutionary software platform, you can create your own minibook in as little as 30 minutes and for as little as $500.

Guesterly’s cofounders, Rachel and Lorne, combined their respective expertise in publications (Rachel worked as an editor at O, the Oprah Magazine) and engineering (Lorne worked as an engineer at General Electric’s Global Research Center) to construct the original guesterly, making us all thankful recipients of their foresight.  We love the thought of adding this insightful little memento to your wedding weekend welcome bags, or even dropping them in the mail a couple of weeks out, to spark curiosity and incite enthusiasm for the big event.  Want a one-of-a-kind program?  The design team at guesterly can alter your content to include the ceremony program, or even a calendar of the weekend’s events.  Small enough to tuck in a pocket or even a clutch, guesterly is as compact as it is informative.  Fun facts, bios and great photos will have your guests buzzing long before cocktail hour.

If you’re dreaming up a wedding where no one’s a stranger and everyone can celebrate together as family, we can’t think of a more wonderful way to get acquainted.  The guesterly process is ‘easy breezy’ and the results are fabulous.  Sleek, chic and the newest wedding must-have, the guesterly is just one of those wedding day details that we’d easily deem ‘priceless.’  Relax, enjoy your big day- and let guesterly do all the talking for you.