Top 10 Wedding Linen Tips from Pablo Oliveira of Nuage Designs

Unbelievably, it’s been almost ten years since Pablo Oliveira created his luxury linen company, Nuage Designs. Over the past decade, he’s worked closely with wedding planners, event designers and bride’s across the globe to bring modern luxury linens, chair covers and upholstered accessories to their party spaces.

A tastemaker himself, Pablo and his talented team represent the next generation in custom linens and furnishings for weddings and special events. The company is constantly innovating in design and decorative elements, providing only the finest selection of fabrics, textures and treatments that allow savvy wedding professionals to create stunning one-of-a-kind party environments. Collaboration is the name of the game at Nuage, and now that they have expanded their already extensive rental collection to include custom lounge furniture pieces, party rentals, and table top and floral decor accessories, there’s truly something at hand for every discerning client.

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When it comes to linens and fabric accessories, no one knows better than Pablo Oliveira what to look for, how to plan for them and what’s the most important aspect to consider. So we asked Pablo to share his top 10 wedding linen tips for today’s brides…

1) Invest in linens for your wedding as table linens are one of the most important elements in wedding décor. They dress the tables with color, texture and can make the party. Don’t let the linens become an afterthought or listed only as a “luxury item”  on your budget. Make them a priority.

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2) Today’s linens come in such a variety of styles – modern, traditional, bold, subtle, edgy, avant garde. Couples should choose a linen that will tell their story, speak their language and express their personality.

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3) Most of the time, the best idea is to allow the event designer to select the linens and fabric accessories for the event according to their overall wedding design concept. However, we have had brides that have collaborated with us directly. When they do, we strongly encourage them to include their florist in the linen selection process as all elements must work together to create a cohesive design.  

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4) Don’t wait until the last minute when it comes to selecting your table linens. Start the process early enough to guarantee availability. Linens make a major impact on each space and shouldn’t be an afterthought.

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5)  Know what the linens are for, what size and shape of tables, and whether they need padding or an underlay. 

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6)  Mix it up. Don’t be afraid to mix linens in one space. Just make sure they all work from the same color tone to allow the overall picture to blend together into one vision. Gone are the days when a reception room has to have 20 identical tables with identical chairs. 

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7)  Before heading out to a linen showroom, rental company office or your event designer’s studio , do your research. Have some idea as to what color or design scheme fits your vision, put some thought to how many guests you may have, and if there is one, the budget you have to work with. You don’t have to have hard and fast information, just a general idea that can then be enhanced with the help of your party planning professionals.

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8)  Don’t be afraid of color. Today’s weddings aren’t just about white and ivory. Introduce color into the event if that’s what speaks to you and represents your personality. 

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9)  Skip the seasonal stress. While the different seasons may call for certain colors, or can inspire a whole event design, choosing burnt oranges in Fall and rich reds in December is not mandatory. Certain colors such as blush, taupe and other neutral hues can be used in any season, as can classic shades such as whites and ivories. Even turning to metallics such as platinum, silver, gold and copper – with every variation in between – can work year round in many different design styles.

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10)  Consider the entire picture. As you and your event designer are creating the wedding environment, think about chairs, chair backs or covers, napkins, pillows, furniture pieces as well as the linens themselves. For some events, the chairs become the focal point.

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Nuage Designs

As you can see, Nuage Designs is a design powerhouse when it comes to custom linens and furnishings for weddings. Always looking to fashion, interiors and nature for inspiration, their vast portfolio is evolving at every moment. So go to their website to see what’s new!