Tantalizing Tabletops: Creative Collaboration Between Powerhouse Experts, Preston Bailey & Pablo Oliveira

Today’s bride has access to every aspect of the wedding industry via savvy websites and blogs, social media output, glamorous event publications and an infinite number of Pinterest boards.  She can clip, paste, post and share wedding inspiration in any number of ways and do her best to emulate the style and creative expertise of the Industry’s most lauded experts.  This tactic, however inspirational, is hardly comparable to having these same remarkable designers designing expressly for the bride herself.

That’s why the recent collaboration between industry guru Preston Bailey and couture linen specialist, Pablo Oliveira of Nüage Designs, has planners and brides alike a-titter with excitement.  In an unprecedented partnership, Preston and Pablo have made it possible for the average bride to access a small aspect of Preston’s genius through an exclusive, branded luxury linen collection, available only through Nüage.  This collection features couture options for the discerning bride’s tabletop decor.  Linens and chair covers, available in a wide range of fabulous colors, rich textures and trending styles, are all designed and lovingly curated by Preston Bailey himself.  Now, brides with a variety of style preferences ranging from glamorous and romantic to vintage, have the opportunity to incorporate fine linens straight from Preston’s hand into their big day.

The first step to any remarkable tabletop design is to absolutely consider the palette, textures and style options available.  With Preston’s new collection curated through Nüage, brides have the ultimate in style-savvy selections at their very fingertips.  Basing overall decor on the texture or tone of a linen may just be the way to go in this instance.  Brides can get started by visiting either prestonbailey.com or nuagedesigns.com for tabletop designs more tantalizing than they ever dreamed possible.

A huge thanks to both Preston and Pablo for making this one bespoke bridal dream an exquisitely-rendered reality!