When it comes to men’s dress shoes, most grooms choose classic glossy black with simple to no embellishments. Perhaps a grosgrain band, or black laces, maybe a gold buckle. But while polished black is always de rigueur, more and more grooms are drawn to stylish, colorful shoes like moths to the flame. Why should the ladies be the only fashion forward ones in the family? Hand molded, brilliantly detailed men’s shoes, made to order in true bespoke fashion, are the ultimate luxury. Particularly when they’re made by Pierre Corthay of Maison Corthay in Paris.  Definitely among the finest mens shoes in the world.

If you noticed on your last trip to Paris how colorful and confident the men were dressed, then you witnesses true French fashion. Frenchmen are not afraid of incorporating color into their wardrobes as color reflects their personalities and adds a touch of whimsy or bravado.

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With Corthay, even the smallest of details can turn something relatively straightforward into something truly exciting. If wearing a shoe entirely washed in crimson, emerald or royal blue is not your thing, perhaps Corthay’s black wingtip with golden satin ribbon laces makes enough of a color statement.

Ready-to-wear is available from Maison Corthay, but if something totally original is your ultimate wedding day luxury, make sure to plan ahead as bespoke shoes take four to five months to create. But, they’re truly worth the wait.

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