Make It Modern: Ditch the Bridal Bouquet & Don a Diann Valentine Couture Cuff

Diann Valentine of Diann Valentine Living Well has created a beautiful bridal accessory that puts an absolutely unique spin on bridal fashion.  To give your nuptials a decidedly modern flair, take a slight detour from tradition, lay down the age-old bouquet, and slip one of Diann’s gorgeously beaded cuffs into place.

Diann Valentine Bridal Cuffs

Crafted from beautiful crystal beads and luxurious silk flowers, the cuffs come in a variety of designs.  The Morgan Bridal Cuff in Raspberry features silver and clear crystal beading with raspberry-colored silk Phalaenopsis Orchids that trail from the cuff, creating a beautiful spray of floral notes cascading from your wrist.  We also love the elegantly wistful Lola Bridal Cuff in Vanilla Cream.  Featuring a two-inch wide cuff comprised of amethyst, topaz and dusty grey beading, the cuff displays a romantic trail of Radiant Phalaenopsis Orchids.  The Carrie Bridal Cuff is a bit more simplistic with subtle blush and dusty grey beading and delicate white silk Phalaenopsis Orchids.

Stunning and stylish, Diann’s Bridal Cuffs are simply an exquisite way to say ‘I do.’  We love that you needn’t worry about your bouquet wilting or who’s holding it while you say your vows.  Slip one of these beauties on and we’re sure you’ll love the way if feels to break tradition (just a bit!) with an heirloom accessory that will long outlive the floral components of your big day, and that will stay as fresh and fabulous as your memories of this most wondrous occasion.