LA PERLA: Exquisite Underpinnings for Elegant Ensembles & A Haute Honeymoon

We’ve scanned La Perla’s latest luxurious bridal and honeymoon lingerie offerings, and now we know who put the ‘blushing’ in ‘blushing bride’.  Each delicate detail is daintily applied to sumptuous fabrics with the utmost care, creating enthrallingly beautiful garments of the most intimate nature.  With a heritage of being designed and created in Italy, it is no wonder that La Perla’s lingerie is synonymous with sophisticated artistry and meticulous expertise.

Besides beautiful blushes and nudes, La Perla’s collection features rich, golden yellows, dusty blues, pale lavenders and muted burgundy hues.  Naturally, many garments are available in the ever-sensual tone of midnight black as well.  One of our favorite pieces happens to be a glimmering triangle-bra encrusted with rows of black-gray pearls, painstakingly applied by hand using the soutache technique.  The Maison Bustier in silk satin with intricate hand-embroidered lace is another lovely selection, paired with matching silk-satin lace-trimmed briefs.

Whether you’re looking for beguiling Leavers lace bodysuits, tantalizing bustiers, couture slips or simply sexy silk nighties for your trousseau, La Perla’s selection of delicate garments will keep your figure flatteringly cinched and composed when you don your bridal gown or, on the honeymoon, leave you enticingly exposed for the ultimate in feminine allure.