If you desire a personal oasis set amidst the sumptuous serenity of a tropical paradise, then Dorado Beach, A Ritz Carlton Reserve, would make a stellar haven of choice. Comprised of a 50 acre island, Dorado Beach has been shaped from the remnants of a 1400-acre sugar plantation. Surrounded by burgeoning coral reefs  and turquoise waters, Dorado Beach has a rich landscape with vibrant tropical forests.  Manicured gardens, clandestine haunts and intimate settings for a romantic tête-à-tête abound. Dorado Beach beautifully blurrs the lines between out-of-doors and in. We relish the idea of an elegant, barefoot escape, and Dorado Beach pulls it off with charm and sophistication.

Dorado Beach has a way of making me feel as though I have just stepped into my own, personal paradise, each and every time I arrive. A signature Dorado Beach, Ritz Carlton Reserve service are the specially appointed embajadores, or personal butlers. Dorado Beach always selects Julia as my personal embajador, and the excellent service she provides is second to none. Julia knows precisely how I like to arrange my room, what snacks to have on hand and her presence adds an absolutely seamless segue between my travel and getting settled at the resort. Every need, every whimsy, is flawlessly provided for throughout the duration of my stay. By the time I am whisked away to a splendid suite, reserved especially for my use, I begin to feel the exhaustion and weariness of travel flit away as I ensconce myself in Dorado Beach’s tantalizing surroundings.

Every last view at the resort is utterly spectacular. There is not a single bad view on the entire property. The rooms are adorned with the latest in elegant styling and beachfront residences allow guests to saunter out onto expansive personal patios.  In all sincerity, there is little necessity to leave the lavish premises of the residences- each option is cunningly crafted to ensure that guests have everything necessary to slip into an alternate reality, where the pressures and pace of the outside world flit away. Each residence is thoroughly appointed in such a way that guests want for nothing.

In addition to amenities fit for the most elite and experienced of travelers, the dining options are fabulous. As a foodie at heart, I’m always astonished by the creativity and finesse with which  renowned chef JOSÉ ANDRÉS conducts the in-house Mi Casa by José Andrés restaurant. An artful menu featuring farm-fresh ingredients, innovative pairings and locally-inspired selections never disappoints. The establishment’s highly skilled mixologists compose drinks with the utmost refinement, beautifully pairing with the restaurant’s seasonal fare.

A must-visit for couples who thrive on both the exotic and the romantic, Dorado Beach, A Ritz Carlton Reserve has a way of filling guests’ placid days with luxury and their evenings with exceptional experiences. From golfing to the sanctuary-like Spa Botanico, even a few days away at Dorado Beach is enough to reset and rejuvenate. Determine to escape ‘the real world’ to  revel in the golden, understated glamour of this Puerto Rican property and experience its unparalleled services.

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