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Tasneem Alsultan: The Marriage of East & West and Adventuring in Berirut

Tasneem began her great global adventures at a very young age, having been born to Saudi parents in the United States, and then having been brought up between the States and England.  Although she doesn’t have a British accent, Tasneem still uses classic British jargon like “pram” and “curtains”, but with an American accent! Tasneem’s passion for photography was apparent as a child, but she only decided to take her infatuation seriously about three years ago.  At the time, Tasneem …
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When Photography and Art Collide… Elizabeth Messina

Typically, we avoid featuring boudoir shoots, but Elizabeth Messina’s tantalizing photographs are too gorgeous to pass up!  Let’s face it, there is something naturally captivating about the way the light cascades over the human figure, the elegance of the pose, the sumptuous decor… something both seductive and pure.  Something both decadent and simple.  Something otherworldly, yet beautifully human. Brides, here is what we want you to know: it is perfectly all right to channel your inner sexy and …
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Spotlight on Stephen Karlisch, Karlisch Photography

From multi-day destination events around the world to intimate backyard locations, Stephen Karlisch has been documenting weddings for the past 15 years using his signature style of spontaneous photography and classic portraiture. His stunning, emotional work takes your breath away and has been featured numerous times in national and regional magazines such as Town and Country, InStyle Weddings, Martha Stewart Weddings, and Brides. Outside of the wedding world, Stephen is recognized for his interior and commercial work, shooting for …
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