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A Moment in Time…Cinemagraphs

Remember meeting your love for the first time? A sideways glance as you drove to the restaurant. . . The way he grazed your hand with his when handing you the menu. . . The dimple in his cheek and mischievous sparkle of his eye as you discussed all of the “first date” questions. . . Often, we fall in love with the smallest gestures.  All of those almost imperceptible moments add up.  Suddenly, we realize we’re truly smitten. New …
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Our Top Five Tips for a Fabulous Engagement Photo Session

The photographs of the two of you are personal, intimate photographs that are crucial in telling your love story.  Just like the wedding in general, YOU determine the style and mood of how your story is portrayed. If posed and formal photography is your thing, by all means, embrace it with gusto! Perhaps you see whimsical, romantic photos with a softness that speaks to the heart. Or, maybe you prefer an edgy, fashion-based photographic style. No matter the angle, we’re certain there’s a photographer out …
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Top Tips for Choosing Your Photographer by Lisa Lefkowitz

  Fine Art Photographer Lisa Lefkowitz  Choosing your photographer is one of the most important decisions you’ll make when planning your wedding. The one thing my husband and I pull out to look at, time and time again, is our beautiful album. Here are some of my top tips to keep in mind when you’re selecting a photographer: Tip No. 1:  Be sure to book a photographer as soon …
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