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Your Life Through The Lens of Luxe: Karlisch Photography

Your Wedding Day is the one day of your life that you want to absolutely ensure that you look fabulous- in person, but also in photos.  From the importance of having a gorgeous set of images that you can look back on lovingly as the years pass by to the necessity of having a beautifully composed folio of images in the instance that you choose to attempt to publish your event, having a phenomenal photographer is an absolute necessity.  Without …
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Wedding Who’s Who: Guesterly Saves the Day

In all the hustle and bustle before your big day, wouldn’t it be lovely if you had a moment to sit down with all the friends and family that you adore and introduce them to one another?  Imagine what a grand time you would have if all of his friends actually knew all of yours.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if great aunt Margaret could see precisely where you met each of your bridesmaids, and where his family is from?  Skip …
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Seeing Through a Different Lens: Renowned Photographer Jide Alakija and His Unique Photographic Aesthetic

We’ve all heard the old adage, ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’, but Jide Alakija, world class photographer extraordinaire, takes this thought to a whole new level of interest.  With an eye for marvelous color and an aesthetic that is both eclectic and completely original, Jide travels the world capturing stories and sagas, armed with a few good lenses, his camera and an incredible insight and sense of life that infuses his every shot. Vastly …
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