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Cocktail Party Perfection with Tara Guérard From Soirée

When it comes to planning the perfect cocktail party, we couldn’t think of anyone better to advise than Tara Guérard from the sophisticated southern party planning atelier, Tara Guérard Soirée.  Located in Charleston, South Carolina, Soirée offers stylish wedding and event design with Tara herself at the helm.  Since the season of celebration is upon us, we felt that these super savvy tidbits from Tara would be the perfect way to …
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The Ultimate Entertainers Rock With U Entertainment

We knew from day one that whomever we selected as our live musicians at the Inner Circle Experience Fête would need to be original, engaging and capable of getting a room full of the wedding industry’s most discerning creative personages on their feet and able to keep them there for an evening of all-out enjoyment.  This is the exact reason we decided that we could have none other than Ross Bielejeski and …
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