Bring Sophisticated Chic Home with the RedBliss At Home Collection


The RedBliss brand has become synonymous with refined and gracious splendor. That’s why, when my dear friend Christine divulged her vision for a new Home Collection, I was ecstatic. She and her business partner, Dori, have envisioned this collection to encompass the world of home entertainment and hostessing- a realm very generally neglected when it comes to utilizing quality pieces such as invitations, place cards, coasters, menus and the like. I caught their vision immediately and couldn’t wait to see it come to life.

Launched during the holidays, the RedBliss At Home Collection couldn’t have debued at a more perfect time. Based on the RedBliss philosophy of inspiring gracious spelndor, each item is a beautifully crafted component of a completely thought-out whole. Intimate dinner parties deserve to revel in the same beauty as any grand occasion without feeling overdone or unnecessarily laborious. This exquisite line of RedBliss At Home stationery and accessories has been created to add effortless charm and delight to intimate home entertaining and personal correspondence.

A Little Note About Chroma

Chroma is a design material that RedBliss utilizes to create stunningly original pieces. It has a resemblence to mirrored chrome and creates an uber-modern, dramatic effect that is difficult to replicate. I first encountered this material when RedBliss used it for the stationey and accessories necessary to brand the very first Inner Circle Experience. The RedBliss duo, Christine and Dori, have been designing with chroma for more than two years. It amazes me how one material can turn traitional stationery into magically modern works of art.

Used throughout RedBliss’s At Home Collection, chroma adds an element of sophistication and refinement. Be sure to expereince the entire collection of lovely chroma pieces at In addition to being stunning additions to your own table decor, the At Home Collection has myriad offerings that make unique hostess gifts, of gifts for bridal showers and the like. Don’t forget to sign up for RedBliss’s newsletter, as they will be sure to notify you of new products, colors, patterns and limited edition offerings.

Experience gracious spendor in your own home and at your private events with RedBliss’s stunning At Home Collection!