5 Ways to Include Your Mother-in-Law in the Wedding

When you marry your dream guy, you’re marrying his entire family. Before saying ‘I do,” include your mother-in-law in the planning process a little bit, so that you can start getting to know her. She’ll feel like she’s part of the wedding and you’ll get to bond before the big day. If you’re nervous about taking the first step, here’s how to get started.

Chat about wedding tasks. Call your mother-in-law and discuss what wedding tasks she wants to be involved in. Whether it’s dress shopping or planning the rehearsal dinner, go over her wish list and delegate it to her.

Add her to your Pinterest board. Instead of sending emails every time you want her opinion, share your inspiration with her over Pinterest. Both of you can collaborate, pin ideas and create a vision for your big day. sending her a photo of your dress or pictures you took of your venue will make her feel in the loop, and get her excited about the wedding.

Help her shop for her dress. Set aside a day to go shopping together. Set up appointments at a few places, give your opinion, but let her chose a dress she loves. Make an evening of it and take her to dinner after gown shopping.

Attend a bridal showcase together. Invite your mother-in-law to go with you to a wedding day shopping experience. Have fun browsing different vendors, tasting free cake and take in the experience. No decisions need to be made on this day, just enjoy the event together.

Forge a friendship: Develop a relationship with your mother-in-law that goes beyond your fiance. If you both like romantic comedies, have a movie night every once in a while. Ask her to teach you how to cook his favorite dish. Do activities together that help you build a bond with her.

How are you including your mother-in-law in the wedding-planning process?