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5 Ways to Include Your Mother-in-Law in the Wedding

When you marry your dream guy, you’re marrying his entire family. Before saying ‘I do,” include your mother-in-law in the planning process a little bit, so that you can start getting to know her. She’ll feel like she’s part of the wedding and you’ll get to bond before the big day. If you’re nervous about taking the first step, here’s how to get started.   Chat about wedding tasks. Call your mother-in-law and discuss what wedding tasks she wants to …
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Head Over Heels for Roger Vivier

We have a major crush on these show stupping Roger Vivier’s satin crystal-trimmed cutout booties . Our heart won’t stopp beating…   …
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Superfoods for Healthy, Glowing Skin on Your Wedding Day

You said yes! Now the pre-wedding routine starts. You have a beauty checklist, exercise plan and wedding to-do list to get you ready for your upcoming nuptials. What’s next? A healthy diet to get the glowing skin of your dreams. Your makeup bag or fancy lotions are great for cover ups and repair, but the easiest way to get healthy-looking skin is to toss superfoods into your grocery bag. Here are seven power foods that will make your skin glow …
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