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Ask the Expert: What's Haute and What's Not?

We asked our panel of wedding experts “What’s HAUTE and what’s NOT in weddings?” Here’s what our in-the-know, trend-setting Creative Partners had to say… “Because I am a Francophile I love this question! At Michelle Rago Destinations this is what’s Haute and this is what’s N’aute. 1-Dressing for the sanctity of the ceremony is Haute… dressing for your ceremony as if it’s your honeymoon eve is… N’aute 2-Simultaneous drop service for dinner is Haute…tray jack service is N’aute 3-Re-scoring rock and roll classics …
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A Cut Above ~ Laser Cut Invitations You Will LOVE!

The obsession with laser cut paper continues, and may in fact, be even more adored today than it was a few years ago when it first exploded onto the wedding scene. There’s just something magical about the delicate technique and fine art aspect of the application. Traditionally, laser cutters have been used for more industrial purposes, but now that the world’s best stationery designers are employing this medium in their wedding invitations, menus, place cards, and ceremony programs, the fascination just gets more …
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On the Scene: West Palm Beach

Destination Wedding Advice from The Breakers Weddings & Celebrations Team   When it comes to all things WEDDING in West Palm Beach, Florida, who else but  the talented event planning team at The Breakers could we turn to for the BEST tips and suggestions on where to… Grab a cocktail: HMF! Named for The Breakers’ founding father, Henry Morrison Flagler, HMF is an ode to …
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