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An Enduring Commitment to GIVE

“‘True Love’ isn’t so much a dreamy feeling that you have as it is an enduring commitment to GIVE sacrificially, even, or perhaps especially, when you don’t feel like it.” ~ William R. Mattox, Jr. {Photos courtesy of Aaron Feaver} …
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Joyous Moments with Wedding Photographer Patty Nash

We’re thrilled to introduce you to the delightful Patty Nash, a wonderful lifestyle and wedding photographer based in South Florida. As you will see, her passion for emotional, candid photography is evident in every frame she takes. Get to know the beautiful moments she captures and the method behind the artist… {THE BRIDAL CIRCLE}:  WHAT DO YOU DO? WHAT IS YOUR PATTY NASH PHOTOGRAPHY ELEVATOR PITCH? {PATTY NASH}:  You look gorgeous!  I am a photographer.  Lets shoot together.
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