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The time has come to head out to Vegas this weekend to partake in Engage!12, the first part of the bi-annual luxury wedding business summit, orchestrated by the amazing duo Rebecca Grinnals and Kathryn Arce of Engaging Concepts.  I am very excited to be staying at the Mandarin Oriental in Vegas.  I have heard nothing but rave reviews about …
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A Modern Trousseau

Historically, a bridal trousseau was stored in a hope chest and contained all of the items a bride needed for her big day and beyond—her bridal outfits, jewelry, makeup, lingerie—even bed sheets for her new home! In Victorian times, trousseaus included family heirlooms and handmade items crafted by the bride-to-be or her female relatives. The bridal trousseau also consisted of brand-new outfits that were carefully selected and stored in preparation for the wedding, honeymoon, and first few weeks as newlyweds.
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Head Over Heels Tuesday – Stated…

From day time to fun time…loving this stated heel in taupe, gray, gold and fuchsia from the Jill Sanders Fall 2012 collection! …
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