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Meet Legendary Wedding Planner, Harriette Rose Katz of Gourmet Advisory Services

For over 30 years, Harriette Rose Katz, joined by her daughter Melissa Rosenbloom and her niece Claudia Warner, and their team of expert planners at Gourmet Advisory Services in New York have built and maintained their reputation as one of the country’s premier event planning companies.  They create exquisite weddings that seamlessly bring together detail, creativity, personality and elegance. But what’s incredibly impressive about the Gourmet Advisory, is just that, their deep knowledge and appreciation for social entertaining …
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Peter Callahan's Favorite Thanksgiving Cocktail? Cranberry-Tinis

Cranberries are generally harvested from September through November, just in time for holiday weddings and family celebrations. My absolute favorite kind of cranberry juice is fresh-pressed, not the store-bought concentrated versions. Trust me, once you have fresh-pressed cranberry juice you just can’t go back to concentrate. It’s like going from fresh squeezed orange juice to Sunny Delight. Here’s my recipe for a Cranberry-tini. It’s stylish and delicious. Enjoy!  Peter Callahan of Peter Callahan Catering in New York City INGREDIENTS Grated zest …
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Stylish Wedding Food Concepts with Caterer Peter Callahan

Appetizers and hors d’oeuvres have undergone a little change in the last fifteen years. Can’t say I’m sorry, either as it’s been a time of creativity that has brought catering out from the shadows of party planning and into the light. No longer regarded as just a necessity, food service is now widely considered a crucial design element in the success of the whole event. As we all see every day on TV, people are passionate about food …
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