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Blushing Society

TBC:  When did you first begin dreaming up The Blushing Society? A.S: I first began dreaming up The Blushing Society while I was styling brides for their upcoming nuptials. It came out of the desire to provide brides with a single resource for all of their fashion and beauty needs.  There were no online resource(s) for brides and talented beauty professionals to connect- a concierge for all things beauty was missing. TBC: Tell us about The Blushing Society …
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BeautyBook: Aromas de Amore

By Beauty Editor, Heidi Evora-Santiago of damali nyc The final accoutrements to accompany any bridal ensemble is the perfect scent. Memories, imagination, old sentiments, and associations are more readily reached through the sense of smell than through any other channel. Your fragrance will forever evoke a memory for not only your betrothed but for every loved one in attendance at your nuptials. So, when choosing a fragrance for your wedding day make sure to take into account that: a.
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BeautyBook: Tool Up with Our Top 5 Beauty Must Haves

By Beauty Editor, Heidi Evora-Santiago of damali nyc It always amazes me how many women will go out and spend hundreds of dollars on the latest makeup, but will completely omit the necessary tools needed  to enhance these fabulous products.  My very wise and quite “unique” grandmother believed that every woman should own her own set of household tools… I believe every woman should have her own set of beauty tools. Here are my makeup beauty …
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